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Biscuit Power - Food news and views seasoned with fat back

Summer is for frying (tomatoes)

Red is good. Yellow is even better. But by far my favorite tomatoes are green, as in not fully ripe.

In fact, farmers at my local market are often surprised when I negotiate with them early in the season.

“I’ll pay you red tomato prices if you’ll pick some for me when they’re green,” I say.

Tomatoes — from Brandywine to Cherokee purple to sungold cherry — are the summer’s biggest seller at my local farmer’s market. While some market vendors and even supermarket managers have started stocking the unripe fruits, most are loath to pick them green. That’s a shame.

To me, the fried green tomato is better than fresh tomato sauce, better even than the traditional tomato sandwich (white bread, Duke’s brand mayonnaise and thick slices of yellow or red tomatoes). In fact, green tomatoes served on a fresh buttermilk biscuit is one of the world’s best sandwiches.

But I didn’t always think that. The first time I saw my neighbor’s mom serve the green tomato biscuit for supper, I thought I’d stumbled into a foreign country. Cut me a little slack; I was 8 years old and for some reason, my family never served fried green tomatoes. Silly family.

Today fried green tomatoes served with greens or fried potatoes and some fresh cornbread makes one of my favorite summertime suppers. The tangy sweetness contrasted by the crunchy crust makes them irresistible and in my house we eat them from spring until late fall.

friedThey became a staple in my kitchen in 1991, after the release of the movie of the same name. Go ahead and laugh, but I was so taken with the movie, I bought not only the companion novel, but also the cookbook. It’s actually a pretty good overview of traditional Southern cooking.

But, it like many other recipes you’ll find for fried green tomatoes, makes too big a production out of this simple dish, calling for an egg batter and sometimes even deep frying. My friends down at Universal Restaurant make them perfectly, although going to a restaurant, you will pay more than you would making them at home, none the less, you can get an idea of how they are meant to taste before hitting the adventure yourself.

So ask your local farmer, your tomato growing fanatic gardener neighbor or even your supermarket produce manager to get you some green tomatoes — better yet, grow your own and enjoy the bounty all season.

Fancy some delicious home cooked meals delivered straight to your door? Of course you do


I’ve recently started doing night shifts at work meaning my entire schedule has been thrown into disarray. I work as a nurse in the ER department at a hospital, and I definitely don’t have as much time on my hands as I used to. Work usually starts at 8 in the evening and then I’ll finish up anywhere from 7 in the morning onwards. I admit I’ve been pretty slack with meals lately. I used to cook all the time at home but I’m struggling to make that happen as regularly nowadays. Most of the time I’ll grab something from the hospital canteen, and on bad days I’ll even get something from the vending machine. Enough is enough, I thought. I’d heard of companies that prepare readymade meals for people, but ones which are actually good for you and don’t use processed foods at all. I did a quick search and came across Dineamic. Dineamic make all their meals completely from scratch, using fresh ingredients prepared by actual chefs. They taste really good, and I’ve been taking them to work every day. It saves me so much time, and the best part is that you can have your home cooked meals delivered to you – now all I do is take them to work and heat them up in the microwave. Easy. If time is not on your side, then check out Dineamic.

Classic Corporate Catering

You can’t go past corporate catering that delivers on the classics. I like The Food Agency because whenever we use them they don’t try and do anything fancy. They stick to a menu of tried and tested favourites with broad appeal that are prepared and served to perfection. This means the hot food is actually hot and the finger food isn’t too fiddly, just classic, clever, corporate catering.


We never have a huge pile of money to play with for these events and knowing there’s someone happy to work with us to come up with a great menu is a real help. We had them cater a meeting just last week with some pretty important stakeholders and we knew we could focus our attentions on the task at hand because they would deliver to perfection.

Applying for SMSF life insurance is the right move for you and your family


My old man died young. I was only a boy when he died of cancer, and it was a really tough time for my mother, sister and me. Mum had to go back to work and I began looking after my sister whenever I could. The hardest part was that dad had neglected to organise a life insurance policy. He was only 36 years old after all, so I’m not surprised that it wasn’t on the forefront of his mind. He only had 6 months after the initial diagnosis so there wasn’t much time to organise that kind of thing.

I promised myself I wouldn’t make the same mistake, and as soon as I got married and had children I began looking into life insurance. My wife and I both have self-managed super funds (she works in property and I’m in publishing) and we both applied for SMSF life insurance. We did it all through Insurance 4 SMSF, a company that deals specifically with these particular types of super funds.

They make everything very easy to understand and cater to your individual needs and requirements. Obviously it’s not something we want to dwell on, but both my wife and I can rest easy knowing that if something unfortunate were to happen, the other person would be able to look after the kids.

Safe and secure bond loans QLD wide


I’ve lived in Townsville for the last 25 years. It’s a fantastic town and I didn’t think I’d live anywhere else. My daughter lives down on the Gold Coast and she’s recently had her first child – I figured I wanted to be part of my grandson’s life and it was going to be a little difficult from 1,500km away. Moving house is something I haven’t done in a long time, and I assumed the easiest thing to do would be to find a rental until I managed to get something more permanent.

The rental market is insane on the Gold Coast, and boy is the bond amount much more than I expected. My property in Townsville was still on the market, but I needed something down south as soon as possible, so my daughter suggested I try Housing Bond Loans. I was hesitant to borrow money, but I soon found I didn’t need to be. These guys are very flexible and offer bond loans QLD wide for people in between properties. Approval was almost instant as I work fulltime, and as soon as my property up north sells then I’ll be able to pay off the loan amount no sweat.

Now the only thing I need to worry about is spending time with my grandson. Housing Bond Loans really is a professional and worthwhile service.

Friends of bacon


Everybody else is doing it, so I may as well.

Post something about the Bacon Explosion recipe sweeping the Internet, I mean.

There are few more decadent foods than bacon. But there are even fewer foods more decadent than this recipe. It’s 4 pounds of pork and an estimated 5,000 calories, but it looks delicious.

From the New York Times: The Bacon Explosion posting has since been viewed about 390,000 times. It first found a following among barbecue fans, but quickly spread to sites run by outdoor enthusiasts, off-roaders and hunters. (Several proposed venison-sausage versions.) It also got mentions on the Web site of Air America, the liberal radio network, and National Review, the conservative magazine. Jonah Goldberg at wrote, “There must be a reason one reader after another sends me this every couple hours.” linked, too.

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Amazing Gluten Free Banana Bread and Biscuit Recipes

What could be more delicious than warm, straight from the oven, fresh sweet treats. When living with dietary restrictions, sometimes you think you have to miss out. This is not always the case. I have been baking with Well and Good products for a while now and thought I better share my find with others.

If you are like me and can’t eat gluten, or can’t eat dairy, nuts, soy, then Well and Good is a great option for you. This brand has so many products and recipes available to suit dietary restrictions.


Their recipes are so easy to follow and their products are of such a high quality you can feel confident when cooking and baking with them.

The gluten free biscuit recipes are a favourite of mine- absolutely delicious! And the gluten free banana recipe is also very popular with my family and friends. Especially when it’s fresh and still warm. Unbeatable with a cup of tea or coffee for morning or afternoon tea.


For easy gluten free recipes that produce delicious, mouth watering treats for all to enjoy – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this brand to anyone. I guarantee you will love the end results!

The Search For Quality Coffee

Coffee is not something that should be drunk for the sake of it. The enjoyment from every cup of coffee is so important to my daily life. Living in a place like Melbourne, it’s not too hard to find a decent cup of coffee.

Cisco’s Coffee in Melbourne is a favourite of mine. They source their beans from all over the world and roast them right here in Melbourne to ensure a completely fresh flavour.

They have light single origins and blends packed with loads of flavour. You can always find the beans to suit your tastebuds. I have about four of their varieties at home! Check them out online or if you’re in Melbourne you need to visit them.